Social Media Marketing for Beginners

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Social Media Marketing

As the founder and president of Solidarity Strategies, Chuck Rocha presides over his organization’s day-to-day operations while managing clients. Chuck Rocha also provides branding and marketing for his clients.

The vast majority of businesses benefit from marketing, including via social media. Here are some tips for social media marketers.

Deciding which social media platform(s) you will use is one of the first steps. Don’t feel like you have to take a big leap and sign up for every available platform. After selecting one or two, such as Facebook and/or LinkedIn, start marketing on them. Once you are comfortable with the idea of adding additional platforms, do so gradually. Make sure you don’t take more than you can handle, as you will want to be active on all of your platforms.

An additional tip is to connect your website and blog, if you have one, to your social media accounts. For example, if you’re using Facebook and WordPress for your blog, you can add the Facebook plugin for WordPress, which will allow your fans to like your Facebook fan page from your blog and be able to follow you on Facebook as well.