About Chuck Rocha

Chuck RochaIn 2010, Chuck Rocha founded Solidarity Strategies, a Washington, DC-based progressive public policy consulting firm. As president, he leads the company by overseeing key operations related to branding, marketing, and client relations. In fact, Chuck Rocha has advised major political figures such as Bernie Sanders, who he supported during his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. His consultant work through Solidarity Strategies has earned him such honors as a 2016 Political Goldie All-Star Award.

Before establishing his firm, Chuck Rocha gained practical policy experience as national political director for the United Steelworkers of America in Detroit. While there, he worked to improve the lives of workers by deploying tens of millions of dollars on their behalf. Later, he became political director with the Blue Green Alliance in Washington, DC for a short time, where he endeavored to form powerful political coalitions between environmental and labor groups.

For rest and relaxation, Mr. Rocha participates in fishing tournaments and enjoys traveling abroad, having visited a wide range of countries, from Argentina to England. He also follows professional sports teams, including the Washing Nationals.