Street Food South of the Equator

Argentina food
Argentina food


Based in Washington, D.C., Chuck Rocha founded and leads as president Solidarity Strategies, a 100 percent minority owned and operated political consulting firm. He also produces a podcast called The Rocha Revolution. In his free time, Chuck Rocha enjoys traveling and trying a variety of street foods around the world.

Many travelers plan their vacations around food, and a growing number are interested in street food – literally, food prepared on the street. Some of the best street food can be found south of the equator in Argentina.

A popular dish is asado, a type of barbeque also known as parrillada. Argentinians love spending an afternoon grilling meats over a fire. These meats include beef, pork, ribs, sausages, and sweetbread and are often topped with chimichurri, one of the country’s most beloved condiments. The tangy and flavorful chimichurri is made of parsley, oregano, onion, garlic, olive oil, and chilli pepper flakes.

Another must-try dish is provoleta, which is the Argentina’s version of provolone cheese. Provoleta is grilled and topped with herbs, and often served with chimichurri. Popular dishes for those on the go include empanadas, which are deep-fried or baked and filled with stuffing, either savory or sweet. Finally, cap it all with a cup of yerba mate, an herbal and naturally caffeinated drink found throughout the country.


Chuck Rocha in The News 2016!

Chuck Rocha has been on plenty of News programs in 2016 &The fine people over at RoachMotelMedia crafted him a highlight reel of some of his best work last year.

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Hispanic Lobbyists Association Membership

Hispanic Lobbyists Association pic
Hispanic Lobbyists Association

Chuck Rocha is a political consultant based in Washington D.C., and a prominent force in politics with his company Solidarity Strategies that has done work for nonprofit organizations and political candidates such as Bernie Sanders. In addition to serving as president of Solidarity Strategies, Chuck Rocha also creates and distributes his own political podcast, Rocha Revolution, and is an executive board member of the Hispanic Lobbyists Association.

The Hispanic Lobbyists Association (HLA) is a professional organization dedicated to bringing together Hispanic lobbyists in order to create a stronger, more unified voice in politics, and to promote communication and bipartisanship. Originally founded in 2006 by a small group of advocates in Washington, D.C., the organization has been growing ever since.

Membership in the HLA offers a range of benefits. The organization hosts a plethora of events each year featuring prominent politicians as speakers, as well as meet and greet affairs with candidates, congressmen, and other legislators regularly. In addition, HLA provides a staunch community of support for members’ careers, and even a mentor/mentee program for younger members who wish to advance in the field of government relations. To learn more about the association and inquire about membership, visit